Validation work of the Pan-Year Action Plan Cooperative Development in LOME

Prime Minister KwesiSéléagodjiAhoomey-Zunu, opened the workshop experts for updating the Pan-year action plan for the development of cooperatives.

This meeting was initiated spoke Pan African Conference Cooperative and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and as part of the closing of the International Year of Cooperatives to be held soon in New York from 19 to 20 December.

This two-day workshop of experts has the task of updating the African-year action plan for the promotion of cooperatives as part of the closing of the International Year of Cooperatives 2012.

This initiative has three main objectives: to increase public awareness of cooperatives; promote the creation and growth of cooperatives to strengthen the socio-economic empowerment and support to implement policies, laws and regulations favorable to the creation and growth of cooperatives.

Prime Minister KwessiSéléagodjiAhoomey-Zunu, said on the sidelines of the work that the economic and financial crises have reminded that the cooperative formula remains essential for development that puts man and woman in the center, as an actor and beneficiary.

For the Executive Secretary of the Pan-African Conference Cooperative, Ibrahima Ndour, this meeting proves very capital before the annual summit of the cooperative movement in New York because it will present the African counterpart to the development of action unplan cooperative world.

'The action plan, draws the main roads that concern both economically, as the formation of cooperative stakeholders from all sectors to demonstrate the ability of cooperatives to create jobs,' said Ibrahima Ndour

The Lomé meeting should highlight the role of cooperatives in their creation of decent jobs and wealth for poverty reduction. Cooperatives promote self-employment, offer opportunities for social inclusion for the most vulnerable people and allow them to progress towards the formalization of their socio-economic activities. They also play an important role in the production and distributiondes agricultural products.

This African meeting brought together both the African experts, ministers, representatives of the people as ambassadors in Togo.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister SéléagodjiAhoomey-Zunu stated that 'the outcome document discussions of Lome will constitute the contribution of Africa to the work of the summit.'

At the end of this workshop, the delegation of the Pan-African Conference Cooperative experts was received on Thursday by Prime Minister Séléagodji Ahoomey-ZUNU.Les discussions focused on the challenge of cooperatives in Africa.

Professor Emmanuel Kamdem who led the delegation said in its release hearing they came to thank the prime minister for all amenities available to them for the Lomé foundation of success and especially for the presence Prime Minister at the opening ceremony.

'The Pan-African Cooperative Conference (CPC), beyond an apex cooperative organization African, remains part of defending the interests of African cooperators. We welcome the attention that the Togolese authorities agree that', concluded Prof. Kamdem, at the end of the hearing.

Note that the delegation was introduced in the offices of the Prime Minister by Mr YacoubouHamadou, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security.