Faure Gnassingbé, sponsor of the Panafrican Cooperative Conference

« I thank and say my gratitude to the Board for the honor done me by appointing me, young Head of State, as a sponsor of the Pan African cooperative movement. Members of the Board, I want to assure you that I feel a sense of pride and I measure the formidable honor you do me. » With these words the President of the Republic said 'yes' to the Pan African Conference Cooperative (CPC).

Faure Gnassingbe and agrees to become the sponsor of the CPC born in 1967 and now present in 20 African countries; and add to the place of CPC officials, « I will spare no effort so that together we can achieve the goals you have posted because I attach particular importance to the development of the cooperative movement because I am convinced that it is there, one way for Africa to solve many of its problems.» The Head of State of Togo had then personally presided on 11 December 2008 at the Lomé Convention Centre, the ceremony marking the official launch of the Co-operative Movement in Togo, concluding his speech for the occasion by a proposal for the less important: that remember December 11 as 'Cooperative Day in Togo.'

The CPC, which aims to cover all countries of the African Union, has already awarded Faure Gnassingbe the Honorary Membership Certificate 1 October 2008.