A PCC delegation to the PNDP

The meeting with the National Community-driven Development Programme (PNDP) was held in the presence of Mrs NGA, National Coordinator of the PNDP. After the presentation of the PCC by the Executive Secretary, Mr. IBRAHIMA NDOUR, and the presentation of ongoing programmes by the Director of PCC Projects and programmes, Mr. Gabriel GBEDJISSOKPA, Mrs NGA immediately perceived a relationship with the interventions within Regional and Local Authorities. Consequently, she envisaged the possibility of establishing a partnership agreement between the PCC and the PNDP.

In fact, the support provided to the municipalities by PNDP can not overshadow the need to build the capacity of the grassroot stakeholders in an entrepreneurial setting. This is why the PCC supports the decentralization approach coupled with self development. Bearing this in mind, the PNDP Coordinator decided to entrust three pilot divisions to the PCC for the promotion of cooperative entrepreneurship.