Spreading of the PCC on the African continent: Morocco contacted

Through Mrs. EFFA Pauline, Coordinator of the NGO PFAC (France Africa Partnership for Co-Development), a partner organization of the PCC, the PCC has contacted and is pursuing exchanges with the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) of Morocco in view of possible membership of the country.
From 22 to 26 April 2014, the first mission of the PCC was conducted to Morocco. The team was headed by the PCC Executive Secretary, Mr. Ibrahima NDOUR, accompanied by the PCC Consultant in Morocco, Youssef Alaoui. The trip offered the opportunity to lay hold of the intentions of the Moroccan side: first of all to join the PCC, and then host an antenna of the African University for Cooperative Development (UADC) and finally to support the PCC project of the African Bank for Cooperative Development (BADCOOP) and to host its headquarters.

From 9 to 13 September 2014, a second working mission was conducted to Morocco. It was still led by the PCC Executive Secretary accompanied by Mrs Pauline EFFA of PFAC and the Consultant, Youssef Alaoui. It focused on deliberations relating to the proposed organization of a pan-African cooperative symposium by Morocco in order to materialize the above-mentioned intentions of Morocco.

To date, the letters of the PCC Board Chairperson to the Moroccan Minister of the Interior (supervisory authority of INDH) accepting the conditions of the Moroccan side have been forwarded. Now the ball is in the Moroccan camp for the continuation of the process.