A PCC exploratory and fact-finding mission to Germany to develop partnerships

A PCC delegation composed of Mr. Jean BIMINGO, Director of the Centre for Supportive Counselling to PCC member countries (CAC) and Mr. GBEDJISSOKPA Gabriel, Director of Programmes and Projects in the PCC, went to Germany to take part in the 2014 Conference of INAISE (International Association of Investors in the Social Economy) on the theme "Mobilizing social finance globally - Learning from each other". This mission allowed the PCC to acquire a deeper knowledge of the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy.  
A total of 105 participants took part in this Conference from sixty structures.

The PCC was mandated to develop a programme on renewable energies to mitigate the rampant power cuts on the continent. The PCC has proposed the solar energy as one of the renewable energy options. Africa is a continent with abundant sunshine. The issue here is not so much the financial resources, but rather the organization. The challenge is the development of solar energy and the cooperative solution seems the most appropriate for the pooling of efforts to achieve an affordable cost.

The PCC that was designated at the conference as observer will build on the  African cooperative experience. For its part, INAISE will strengthen its presence in Africa. The two partners may use the 16th PCC to this effect on the one hand, and the PCC may host the 2016 or 2017 INAISE Annual General Assembly. Everything can be negotiated. Themes that may be retained include the problems of access of women and young people to land to strengthen food security, access to new technologies, to credit, etc. In short, it is question of showing what the cooperative can contribute to solve such difficulties.