United Nations summit for Closing the International Year of Cooperatives New York, November 2012

The years 1966 and 2002, respectively marked by the adoption of recommendations 127 and 193 of the ILO on the promotion of cooperatives, have remained memorable for co-operators worldwide. It will be the same for 2012 that was the first to be declared the International Year of Cooperatives by the United Nations. The thing that brought more joy to co-operators was that the cooperative was recognized as an inclusive socio- economic development factor against the backdrop of an economic and financial crisis especially of the West. Thus, upstream for at least two years, the Department of economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations worked relentlessly to encourage States and the cooperative movement to attend meetings focused on the central theme that was: 'Cooperatives, enterprises for a better world'

The African cooperative movement was not left out as the PCC and the Togolese government supported by the African Union and the ILO took part in the event. Although invitations to the great symposium that was earmarked to grace the year were sent to all countries of the continent, they were absent. 

Failing to have the symposium, the African experts gathered at Lomé on 9 and 10 November 2012 to produce the 2012-2022 Pan African Action Plan for Cooperative Development (PADCOOP). The high quality of this paper facilitated the work of the Board Chairperson, the Executive Secretary and the Chairman of the Scientific Council of AUCD who made up the delegation that was responsible for presenting that document at the closing ceremony of the International Year at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 19 and 20 November 2012.

Indeed, the Action Plan presented by Mr. Kwassi KLUTSE, Mr. Ibrahima NDOUR and Mr. Emmanuel KAMDEM was highly appreciated and adopted following a brilliant summary they made.

The African cooperative movement in its entirety can be proud to have been represented by the PCC that was, besides, the only African cooperative organization present in New York.