The PCC attends the Conference of Stakeholders of SME and Handicraft sectors of Cameroon

Following the invitation of the Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts (MINPEMEESA) of Cameroon, Professor Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, a PCC delegation comprising Mr. Jean BIMINGO, Director of the Centre for Supportive Counselling to PCC member countries  (CAC) and Guy Tatou, Liaison , Communication and Internal Control Officer at the PCC, attended the Conference of Stakeholders of the SME and Handicraft sectors at the Yaounde Conference Centre from Wednesday 08 to Friday 10 April  2015.
The deliberations during the conference focused on two main areas:
Public development policies and actions of the various stakeholders of the supervisory chain of SMEs and handicrafts;

The programme budget focused on results-based management.
It should be noted that during this conference, several interesting points were discussed and the PCC expressed the voice of the cooperatives. We can particularly remember:

1.    The existence of a business incubation programme in the employment professionalisation process at the Ministry of Higher Education, the University of Dschang, the Sahel Institute of Maroua and in rural enterprises in the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER).

2.    As part of the promotion of SMEs and the single window approach, it is now possible to create an SME in 72 hours. The case of cooperative societies raised by the PCC shall be considered in the light of the foregoing.
For more information about the creation of SMEs, the Conference recommends the website

After the conference, the PCC delegation has planned to take steps such as those previously followed with other partners in order to reach an agreement between the PCC and the Ministry of Higher Education in the framework of the programme of professionalization of teaching. This will offer the opportunity for the PCC to sell the idea of cooperative enterprise incubators in the universities and colleges such as the Faculty of Agronomy of Dschang (FASA), the Sahel Higher Institute, the Yaounde Polytechnic School, etc.