It is official: The PCC has signed its Headquarters Agreement in Cameroon

One of the resolutions of the 15th session of our institution that held in July 2008 in Brazzaville was to set up the headquarters of the PCC through the establishment of an Executive Secretariat. The answer and accompanying measures announced by Cameroon following the request, led the 26th session of the Board of Directors that held in December 2008 in Lomé to endorse this option. But it was only in February 2011 that the PCC actually took possession of the beautiful edifice that the Cameroonian Government offered to it in the prestigious quarter of Bastos.

The period of effective settlement and the sharing of the officials of the PCC between Yaoundé and Lomé due to the Pan African symposium further delayed the signing of the headquarters agreement. Finally the Minister of External Relations of Cameroon selected the 11 December 2012 for this important ceremony. On this occasion, the Board Chair of the PCC travelled to Cameroon to meet the Secretary General of the BOD, the Executive Secretary, the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the African University for Cooperative Development (AUCD) and the Director of the Support Counselling Centre.

It was a solemn ceremony graced by the presence of the Minister of External relations and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Mrs. Ayolo, former Board Chairperson of the PCC from 2000 to 2004 was among the many guests who were present at the ceremony. But beyond the symbolic nature of the event, this diplomatic act marked the beginning of the enjoyment by the PCC of its full rights accruing from its status as an international institution and the related duties. The PCC Board Chairman in his speech underscored the remarkable concern of the government of Cameroon towards the PCC and committed himself on behalf of the institution to assist the host country in its cooperative projects and programmes.