Programme of Cooperative Health Clinics


This programme of creation of cooperative health clinics is planned for a period of twelve (12) months. It is a support for the establishment of private group enterprises that adopt the cooperative formula. Such enterprises must adopt the universal cooperative values and principles. In their capacity as private enterprises, the founders of these clinics must know that the funds used to set up the cooperative societies are loans granted to them by the Ministry for Health and they should therefore reimburse the loans as soon as the profitability of the enterprise so permits, in any case, from the second year. However, the repayment of these loans will be done following the logic of recycling of the funds to support the creation of new cooperative clinics for other graduates of the health sector in order to extend this experience across the country. The reimbursement of loans will be supervised by the Union or Federation of Cooperative Health Clinics (UCHC) that the cooperative clinics will set up to provide collective services such as grouped purchasing of drugs and medical supplies, training of members of cooperative societies, control and inspection of the activities of clinics. The UCHC together with the Ministry for Health shall supervise the repayment of loans so that they can jointly decide to fund the creation of new CHCs progressively as the funds are received.
The creation process will comprise a series of activities that must be performed rigorously to ensure the viability and cohesion of the group thus formed.
In the organization of the health system, cooperative health clinics shall be considered as part of the profit-making private sector but focused on the disadvantaged segments of the population. They shall develop a pricing system for the medical acts and services close to that which is based on a combination of market prices, the purchasing power of the population and the requirements of profitability of the enterprises. From the standpoint of the level of health delivery services, they shall be below the District Hospitals and as such shall submit reports on their activities to the Health District Officer who will include the information contained in his data base. Thus the technical services offered by CHCs shall comprise the following services:

  • general practice
  •  minor surgery
  • deliveries
  • pre-and postnatal consultations
  • laboratory tests
  • vaccination
  • promotion activities. Depending on the technical support centre, suitable equipment will be made available to each clinic for quality services.

The objectives of this programme are:

- Overall objective: To contribute to the improvement of primary health care coverage at the level of the underprivileged segments of the population.

- Specific Objectives: This project has three specific objectives, namely:

1. To promote decent jobs for more than 150 young graduates of the health sector especially general practitioners, State-Registered Nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, social workers and other auxiliary health workers, at the average rate of twelve (12) health workers and three support staff per cooperative health clinic;

2. To strengthen the cooperative culture and entrepreneurship among the health workers of each of the cooperative health clinics in view of the viability and sustainability of these group enterprises;

3. To increase the availability and quality of low cost primary health care services to the population living in the areas of implantation of these health facilities.